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Imagination is the only limit with the WineQueen wine cabinets. Thanks to their modificable dimensions and fittings, WineQueen wine cabinets can be customized according to the customer needs. WineQueen technical structure allows them to be integrated into furniture. Because of this diversity they are ideal for architects and interior designers when designing a new space or upgrading of an existing space. WineQueen cabinets are also available as completely integrated versions which customer can equip with own kitchen furnishing door.

The selection also includes standard-sized wine cabinets for which we have available precise product descriptions and drawings.

As a designer, you can avail yourself of our experience in the implementation of unique, user-orientated wine cabinets and ensembles. We have delivered our solutions to a great many locations such as, for example, restaurants, lobby bars, reception spaces, and quality-conscious private wine enthusiasts.

We are happy to provide additional information and to offer a proposal that will supply the best solution for you.


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