Customized wine cabinets

WineQueen customized wine cabinets

Customized wine cabinets are also possible along standardized WineQueen wine cabinets.
Standardized WineQueen wine cabinets can be found here. Standardized cabinets can also be customized e.g. in terms of color, handside, equipment level; amount and material of shelves.

Wine cabinets can be customized in a variety of ways, such as in terms of measurements, equipment, outlooks and color. Coolcenter Forssa has a long experience in terms of customizing wine cabinets according to customers’ needs. Moreover, we can provide very individual wine cabinet solutions and have had very interesting wine cabinet projects and holistic solutions. If you want to contact and ask for more details, please contact, we are happy to answer to questions and tell more about individual solutions from the previous projects as well as tell solutions for your needs. The product development department has decades of experiences of designing cold machines, so that very unique solutions are also innovated.

Both customized and standardized cabinets are designed and executed in Forssa, Finland. In WineQueen wine cabinets, there are high quality, pleasant customer experience and customer satisfaction in the key focus. Consequently, we have highly priorized customer’s needs and customer orientation.

All the WineQueen wine cabinets are handmade from the beginning till the end. Moreover, the cabinets are made after customer makes the order so that it can be done according to customer’s needs based on the individual needs.


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