Standardized WineQueen wine cabinets


Standardized WineQueen wine cabinets

In addition to wine cabinets by customer’s own measurements, there are six standard models of WineQueen wine cabinets. However, these standard cabinets can also be customized in terms of color, hand side and level of additional equipment.

WineQueen cabinets have been designed in order to optimize maximum bottle capacity. Each WineQueen -unit is handmade from the beginning to the end in the factory in Forssa, Finland. Due to flexible production and dynamic product development, individual customized solutions are possible.

There are two temperature zones in the models of height 186 cm and 206 cm. Temperature in lower and higher cabin part can be set easily set by adjusting temperature plate in the middle of the wine cabinet. Temperature plate divides unit in lower and upper part. Temperature difference between the levels is 2..6 C.

All WineQueen winecoolers can be integrated. External dimensions are the needed space for installation.

Vibration is controlled by vibration-absorbing system, which ensures silent and stable conditions for wines and prevent them from shaking.

Humidity is controlled by roll board plate evaporator, which aims for optimizing the humidity. To ensure optimized humidity wine coolers can be equipped also with an optional active coal filter, if preferred by a customer.

All WineQueen-models are equipped with smoked glass protecting wines from UV-light.


The standardized wine cabinets can be found in following sizes:

WineQueen 1- door models:

WQ45/86: Width 446 mm, height 860 mm, depth 599 mm
WQ60/86: Width 596 mm, height 860 mm, depth 599 mm (Also available as pull door model)
WQ45/186: Width 446 mm, height 1860 mm, depth 599 mm
WQ60/186: Width 596 mm, height 1860 mm, depth 599 mm



WineQueen 60/86 with extra shelf


WineQueen wine cabinet

Black WineQueen 45/86 with extra slide shelf










WineQueen 45/186 with vertical led lightning


WineQueen 60/186 available with black or white base colour


Black WineQueen 60/186


WineQueen 2- door models:

WQ45/206: Width 446 mm, height 2060 mm, depth 599 mm
WQ60/206: Width 596 mm, height 2060 mm, depth 599 mm


White WineQueen 60/206

Standard colors for the wine cabinets are black and white, but other RAL-colors are available upon request.

Additional equipment for WineQueen cabinets:
– Door frame and/or cabinet’s outer surfaces of stainless steel
– Door frame and/or cabinet’s outer surfaces of solid wood
– Cover plate made of solid wood or laminate
– Slide shelf
– Additional fixed shelves
– Lock (standard equipment in 206 cm height models)
– May be integrated into customer’s fixtures and equipped with
customer’s cabinet door handles
– Standard color as matte color
– RAL colors available for outer surfaces – RAL-colors can be seen here
– Interior fan
– 206 cm models with two compressors for individual temperature zones
– Activated carbon filter
– Solid glass door
– Remote dimmer for led light

For more information, contact your distributor or Coolcenter Finland. Contact information can be found here. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

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