Wine storing in WineQueen wine cabinets

wine storing in Finnish customized Wine Queen wine cabinet

Wine storing in customized WineQueen wine cabinets

WineQueen wine cabinets have been optimized for storing and ageing wines. WineQueen product range is designed in Finland and all units are hand made with highly customized features. Because of our small scale production and special hand tools, we can offer customers individually personalized solutions.

In general, if wine is not to be consumed relatively soon after purchase, but is intended to be aged for months or even years, it is best to store the wine in cool dark place. The optimal storage temperature for wine is between 10..15 degrees. At too cold temperature wine does not get aged, and at too high temperature wine ageing happens too quickly.

It is not worth ageing all kinds of wines. For example, rosé wines and affordable sparkling wines are intended to be consumed when being quite young, at the age of around a year at the most. Red wines usually keep better than white wines but, in particular, sweet white wines can keep for several years thanks to the sugar they contain. Among white wines, for example, Chardonnay and Riesling are suited to being aged, which softens and rounds their taste. Among red wines, those who contain plenty of tannins, benefit the most from ageing.

WineQueen wine cabinets have been designed just for these kinds of purposes. The conditions are perfect for storing and ageing wines in the cabinets so that Your wines are well taken care of.

WineQueen wine cabinets have six standard sizes. Moreover, there are also customized wine cabinets. More information about standardized wine cabinets can be found here. Details about customized wine cabinet solutions can be found here.

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