Wine cabinet for restaurant

WineQueen wine cabinet for restaurant – grow your sales

Comfort and sales growth in restaurant by WineQueen wine cabinet

In addition to a traditional visit to a restaurant and the dining that goes with it, one’s experiences of restaurant usage are often associated with various celebrations, trips and meetings. The experience and the ambience themselves are, indeed, the most important aspects of a restaurant visit. Besides the wide selection of wines, competent wine professionals, high quality wine cabinet fulfills the tasty experience.

Today’s customer is able to demand first-class ingredients and products, as well as high-quality, expert service. At the same time, the continuous growth in the popularity of the wine culture has created an opportunity for restaurants. A restaurant increases its sales demand with the right display and storage of wines and with the right wine service. A small investment therefore carries with it plenty of potential.

wine cabinet for restaurant
There are WineQueen wine cabinets in Vinoteca wine bar, which suit perfectly the stylish and elegant wine bar. Wine cabinet for restaurant is a perfect solution to serve wines in beautiful and suitable temperature. Cozy Vinoteca by Vino Nostrum can be found in Tallinn at Pagari 1.

WineQueen wine cabinet of the right shape that is situated in the right place and which is filled appropriately is an eye-catching element in a restaurant’s décor, and it prompts the customer to choose quality wines.

WineQueen can be customized for different kinds of needs due to its unique nature. Our selection includes individually customized wine cabinets that are made to the customer’s size requirements, along with a range of standard-sized wine cabinets. Moreover, we have six standard sizes that can also be individually customized by the equipment level, which the customer finds the best. Moreover, alternative implementations are also possible. WineQueen wine cabinets are made customer-orientally and hence we want to try to fulfill customers’ demand as well as possible.

We are happy to provide additional information and to offer a proposal that will provide the best solution based on your personal wishes.



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