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We create a quality setting for enjoyable moments with wine

Are you a passionate wine enthusiast, or a collector of valuable wines, or do you just appreciate an enjoyable moment with quality wine? We offer you the proper conditions for storing and maturing wines.

1-ovinen WineQueen wine cabinet

The basic features of a wine cabinet include maintaining a regulated temperature and providing correct air humidity levels, along with protecting the wines from sunlight and remaining free of internal vibration. These aspects have been taken into account in the WineQueen wine cabinets that are being manufactured in Finland already at the design stage and in the selection of the materials.

A WineQueen wine cabinet can be positioned to stand freely or it can be mounted on furniture. There is a versatile selection of standard-sized wine cabinets, from low and narrow to spacious full-height cabinets. If necessary, we will manufacture a bespoke wine cabinet with exactly the dimensions you require. We will also customise the wine cabinet to meet your requirements.Pieni viinikaappi

Now is the right moment to give time to the greatest pleasures in life.

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